Dragon Age Origins Screenshots: Violence, then Sex

By Nick Breckon, Sep 09, 2009 11:28am PDT

Fresh from PAX, this new batch of shots from Dragon Age starts bloody and ends booby. There are a few pictures of people standing around inbetween--presumably depicting the founding of a nation, or some other boring thing.

Dragon Age hits the PC and Xbox 360 on November 3. The PS3 release will follow later on an unspecified date.

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  • It's not only that the graphics look outdated, the whole design theme makes every character look old and geriatric, ugly around the eyes and pale pale pale, even the scantily-clad "babes" look boring and have this totally uninspired facial attitude 24/7. There is simply not an ounce of passion or vibrance in this game, just "going through the motions".

    Every screenshot seems to have characters that tell me "pleease walk me off a cliff, I've been hacking and slashing for a hundred years, then resurrected by a demon every time I die! Let my soul rest!

    I played WoW for 18 months, saw all the sights, raided all the bosses, then quit the whole thing to move on in life, the WoW-part was "done". The boss action I've seen in the "Dragon Age" videos look exactly the same as in WoW. In that last one they had three spellcaster characters attacking a big dragon for five minutes, shooting red, blue and green energy balls at it, while the melee characters and the "tank" stood at the dragon's left leg and hacked for what seems like an eternity. Hello "Deathwing".

    There is no thought more depressing to me than playing drawn-out WoW-like bossfights, in a SINGLE player game.

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