NecroVisioN Prequel: Germans vs. WWI Demons

Developer Farm 51 will be returning players to its demonic World War I shooter series NecroVisioN (PC) in Q1 2010, publisher 1C Company revealed this morning.

The prequel, subtitled Lost Company, puts players in the role of a German soldier that "discovers the evil forces unleashed by the war" and later sees them become "the first Necromancer that will fight against Simon Bukner in [the original] NecroVision."

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A rundown of the prequel's "key features," as laid out by 1C, follow below:

  • 10 new levels in the single player campaign
  • 15 new characters
  • 6 new weapons
  • Variety of special weapon upgrades
  • New drivable vehicles to use in the fight including the FT17 tank and Halberstadt CL.II airplane
  • Several additional close combat techniques, spells and fatalities in single player
  • New, unique multiplayer mode: Gas Attack
  • 3 new maps and several new skins for multiplayer mode
  • New visual effects like enhanced depth-of-field, soft shadows and new shaders with optimized renderer and data loading system.