Sonic Returning to 2D in 'Project Needlemouse'

By Alice O'Connor, Sep 09, 2009 8:33am PDT Sega mascot Sonic the Hedgehog will be returning to his side-scrolling roots in 2010 with a new game codenamed Project Needlemouse on platforms unknown, GameSpot reports.

Details are sparse, with Sega brand manager Ken Ballough only noting "It's a brand new 2D adventure coming out in 2010, it's in HD."

"Old-school Sonic fans have long asked to see Sonic return to a more 2D style of gameplay," Ballough told GameSpot. "Many liked the daytime stages in Unleashed, but wanted to see a game that plays purely similar to the early games of the Genesis. Project Needlemouse is that critical first step that brings Sonic back to his 2D roots."

Click on through for the announcement trailer, with the delightful old "Se-ga!" Gensis startup sound and proud boast that "speed returns" in Needlemouse.

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  • The sonic fan in me wants them to make this fully 2D, with completely hand-drawn HD visuals ala SFIIHDR. The realist in me knows, though, that they're just going to take the easy way out for 2D gameplay like every other dev and make it "2.5D".

    As much as I'm hoping they brought us a proper console 2D sonic release in the old style of genesis gameplay, it won't happen unless it's a DD game like Bionic Commando Rearmed. For some reason people today see that 2D old style gameplay as too simplistic and unworthy of being printed on physical media and sold as a proper console game. This will either be a fully fleshed out new Sonic game for every console which claims to bring back the old style but fails miserably, or really DOES bring back the old style in beautifully genuine 2D, but end up being a very short DD-only game ala BCR.