Left 4 Dead 2's Preorder-only Weapon Explained

By Nick Breckon, Sep 04, 2009 4:02pm PDT Tucked in a press release announcing Left 4 Dead 2's arrival at the Penny Arcade Expo was the news that Valve would be offering an exclusive melee weapon to those that pre-order the zombie shooter sequel from "select retailers."
The weapon is an American baseball bat, and has its own unique characteristics--in other words, it's not just a re-skinned version of the cricket bat, Valve told us today.

However, if you're playing the wait-and-see game with Left 4 Dead 2, you'll still have a chance to use the bat post-release depending on your server makeup.

"How it'll work is, if you're playing with somebody that's pre-ordered it, everybody playing gets it," Valve's Chet Faliszek explained.

Faliszek had no other details on the deal, other than the fact that the weapon will be available on both PC and console.

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  • Long time gamer here, think Atari 2600, Mario Bros. arcade, 80286, who spends more time trying to write a game than playing them and I have learned a few things about games and buying them:

    1) All of us are so extremely privileged that things we buy like (most) games don't improve our quality of life and there for have no inherent value.

    2) The more something is hyped as "MUST HAVE!" the more likely it has little to no real value. Think infomercial here. As such, just like infomercials there is always that "But wait, that’s not all" moment when the price of a game drops. Valve does this and profits from this, so don't feel sorry for them because the "bargain bin" is soon to be all but dead and a long with it your half-life 3 for $9.99. Instead you'll pay $20 on a weekend deal at a random time after release, but the difference is Valve will actually make money from that $20. A good deal all around, unless you buy a full price only to have a deal the next day. But that is your fault because you tricked yourself into thinking you “must have” it when you didn’t. Never buy something, especially full price if you aren’t 100% sure you want/need it, because if you can’t then you don’t.

    3) No Demo, No Purchase! I live by this rule. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood had a cool demo that made me want to buy it for its uniqueness and trying new things. BUT, it only had single player and that isn’t a Demo that is a ploy, a marketing trick. So, I read the forums (My 2nd rule for buying something) and found Multiplayer had issues and there was no update and Ubisoft had abandoned the game. I emailed Shacknews to look into the support of the game but haven’t seen anything yet. Maybe they don’t want to get blacklisted by Ubisoft and loose adverts and pre-release copies…?

    4) I just started to play Half-Life 2 again after a 5 year hiatus which never saw me reach "Water Hazard" in the first go around. I bought it as part of the "Valve Complete Pack" and I feel good about my purchase for a few reasons. While it is Half-Life it doesn't break much new ground with Gameplay. That is pretty well something I accept from this point out from nearly all FPSs. There have so far only been four "that's cool" moments. Crab zombies coming out of water, taking pier legs our from under combine soldiers and hearing them fall to their deaths, the death tone after killing a combine soldier, and the original music when putting on the suit.

    5) Given Gameplay for FPS is pretty much "done" for most companies, all they have to bring to the table is environment and mood, and "that's cool" moments. Sequels, typically have fewer “that’s cool” moments and err to the side of “it worked in the last one.”

    6) The American Baseball bat is likely strictly a gimmick and will kill like any other melee weapon. Unless you can somehow stun a zombie and then knock his head "out of the park" with the accompanied cheer of the crowd and a "take me out to the ball game" ditty (perhaps whistled by another players character to maintain immersion), then what is it adding to the experience? How is it different than any stick that you should be able to pick up along the way, and can’t! That is the problem with most "variety" in games. It is forced and you normally should be able to have/do that thing as a matter of course.

    7) Things are sold as they are because people accept them. Things are as they are because people accept them. If you are thinking “hey that’s not true” then you are likely someone who accepts them. I recently heard a town hall argument about health care: “I have read the USS constitution…” followed by the argument against the new health care plan. Don’t read the USS constitution. Demo, Forums, 100%, only then buy and deal with it, because a junkie should never blames the drugs.

    * Disclaimer: I realize I'm a minority in the way I think, based upon societal evidence. I also can admit that I may not have everything 100% right for everyone but I'm 99.305% right for me. This is a public service for those who seek to improve, or have been bitching about having the privilege of buying games (because we all need a slap in the face to remind us how good we have it.)

  • I was happy to hear L4D2 was coming and disagree with pretty much all the whine so far - of course they are going to make a sequel to a good seller fast, and I don't see there's anything wrong with that as long as it's good. No-one is forcing anyone to buy anything.

    But this is in my opinion as well bullshit. I do NOT like having to figure out which "version" of a game I need to get, and I do not like being "twisted" to buy a game I haven't seen reviews for yet. I want the friggin baseball bat, but I don't do preorders. Hence, this is lame. First RAAAAGE towards Valvefrom my part of the internet.

    What's the point anyway? It's going to sell just fine without such gimmicks, unless they plan on somehow magically fucking it up, which I doubt they could even if they tried.