Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Aug 25, 2009 6:30am PDT "Nobody will ever know!" you chuckled like an idiot as you watched your stupid reflection in the mirror carefully clip the clip-on tie onto its collar. Yes, take that The Man.

At 30,000 feet the child's blood bursts. 150cm of woven silk are needed instantly to tie their blood in, the doctor says, or they will die. "Your tie, give it to me," he commands. Ashamed of your crass inability to tie a knot, you shake your head in silence. "There's no time! Come on you fool!" Sheepishly, you yank the clip-on tie from your collar. Faces fall.

That child would have invented jetboots, robot bffs, and world peace. Well done, Clip-on.

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  • I finally got my Nikon D90!

    even for someone coming from a Canon G9 (where you have full manual control if you want it) the D90 is something of a hill to climb... I'm actually comfortable with a lot of the terminology and controls (yay thumb dials!), but it's all the things you need to consider.

    that and it won't let me take a shot when there's not enough light to focus. :P

    the 18-105mm kit lens seems good so far, but one thing's for sure: a macro lens is probably next on my list of items to get. 18mm may be relatively close, but (no surprise here) on this lens the curvature is too pronounced at that focal range!

    TLDR: DSLRs are interesting but initially scary.