StarCraft 2 to Support Priced Maps, Mods

by Nick Breckon, Aug 21, 2009 4:18pm PDT

A future StarCraft II Marketplace service was announced today at BlizzCon. The store, planned to be added to StarCraft II after the game's launch, will allow map makers to publish both free and "premium" maps.

Premium maps will carry a fee, meaning mod and map makers can sell their content directly on

"We want to make sure that the best amateur game designers out there are making maps for StarCraft 2, and not for Kongregate or Steam or anything like that," said Blizzard's Rob Pardo.

"Think about it like this: something like Defense of the Ancients, I think, would be something like a free map because it doesn't have a lot of original content," he added, while noting that Blizzard made the announcement today in order to give map makers time to start thinking about ideas.

"We totally intend for there to be a lot of free content," he assured the crowd.


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  • Can someone nuke every post in this story? This is one of the worst cases of misdirected nerd rage I've ever seen.

    How can you possibly interpret this as ANYTHING but positive since Blizzard has stated that it is up to the map creators to set a price or not?

    I mean, it's not even shipping with the game. There will obviously be a vibrant community built around free maps, just like there has always been. And maybe we will also see paid premium mods, like full-on RPGs or turn-based tactical games with custom models and sounds.

    And if some people charge too much for their maps, then boo-hoo, I guess you will have to go without. Or wait for someone who isn't sitting around whining to make something similar, but free.

    Some things in life cost money, pay and get them or don't pay and don't get them. That's between you and the creators. Get used to it. It's not like Blizzard isn't shipping a full game with free mod support. I cannot think of a valid reason to complain about the existence of a premium market.

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