World of Warcraft: The Magazine Launching

Beginning the BlizzCon blitz early, Future Publishing and Blizzard today announced they are to release a quarterly magazine based upon smash hit MMORPG World of Warcraft.

"Each collectable issue will be packed with engaging, entertaining and comprehensive articles that cover all aspects of World of Warcraft through insider insights and player perspectives," says the publisher of such magazines as Edge and Simply Knitting.


"A panel of international journalists" will contribute to WoW: The Mag, led by industry veteran Julian Rignall and former Official Xbox Magazine senior editor Dan Amrich.

The magazine's 148-page first issue will, among other articles, commemorate the MMORPG's fifth anniversary with looks to its past and future, and offer Ulduar raid tips.

The ad-free magazine will be available by subscription only, with one year costing $39.95 (34.95 EUR, 29.95 GBP) while two will run you $69.95 (61.25 EUR, 52.50 GBP).