1 vs. 100 Hits 2.5 Million Downloads, Beta Extended

Xbox Live's virtual gameshow 1 vs. 100 has been downloaded by a staggering 2.5 million users since entering beta in June, Microsoft announced today.

Based on the television gameshow of the same name, 1 vs. 100 sees one Xbox Live Gold member competing against a 'mob' of one hundred others--all in avatar form--answering trivia questions in the hope of winning up to 10,000 Microsoft Points ($125).


Continuing its numerical assault, Microsoft boasts that 1 vs. 100's North American best of 114,000 players at once trounces the Guinness world record for most TV gameshow contestants--80,799 in the 1983 All-Japan High-School Quiz Championship, fact fans.

1 vs. 100's 'beta season' has been extended by two weeks until September 13, and will once again be opened up to Live Silver members too on the weekend of August 29.