Rumor: Next World of Warcraft Expansion to Add Worgen, Goblin Races

Several sources "close to the situation" have told that the next World of Warcraft expansion will diversify the game's population with two new playable races.

The expansion--rumored to be dubbed "Cataclysm"--will add the Goblin race to the Horde side, with the Alliance gaining the werewolf-like Worgen race, according to the report. nope Blizzard has yet to announce a scrap of information related to the next World of Warcraft expansion. Any official word is likely to come at the company's BlizzCon convention, set to begin on August 21.

As a former Horde player, the prospect of facing an army of players affiliated with the Son of Arugal--that elite level 20 backstabbing son of a bitch--is certainly intimidating.