Weekend Deals: Insane Indie Bundles, Batman: Arkham Asylum Prices Compared

It's a great week for weekend deals out there. Steam and Direct2Drive are both offering fantastic deals on indie bundles, and other outlets are busy competing over preorder and post-release savings. nope Following the release of the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo, we've also got a quick breakdown on preorder pricing for that specific game.

Reminder: this list does not attempt to offer a complete, scientific picture of every deal on the internet. But as always, do feel free to let us know if we've missed any sweet sales.

And now, a breakdown of Batman: Arkham Asylum prices for the preorder-minded. All prices are before shipping, so keep in mind that stores such as Amazon may ultimately be cheaper if you go for the free shipping option.

Also: while the PS3 version of Batman gets an exclusive Joker DLC challenge map, and GameStop has its exclusive Scarecrow challenge map, such exclusives often show up on other platforms later on.

Current Batman: Arkham Asylum prices:

  • GameStop:
    • Xbox 360/PS3: $60.
    • PC: $50.
    • Collector's Editions are $100.
    • Exclusive in-game "Dem Bones" Scarecrow Challenge Map.

  • Amazon:
    • Prices are after the application of this $5 gift code: 5OFFARKM
    • Xbox 360/PS3: $48.50.
    • PC: $40.
    • Collector's Editions are cheap: $86 on 360, $89 on PS3.

  • Newegg:
    • Xbox 360/PS3: $53.
    • PC: $45.

  • Direct2Drive: PC: $50.

  • GamersGate: PC: $50.

  • Steam: PC: $50.