Champions Online Subscription Offers: Star Trek Online Beta Access, $200 Lifetime Sub

Cryptic has unveiled two Champions Online subscription offers which grant closed beta access to Star Trek Online, including a lifetime subscription costing a grand $200.

A $60 six-month subscription to the superhero MMO offers a 33% saving over the regular monthly fee of $15 and grants an exclusive "art deco" costume set. The $200 lifetime subscription also packs an in-game action figure, further exclusive costume sets, eight extra character slots, and a mirror universe outfit to wear in Star Trek Online.


Champions Online is released for PC on September 1, following a limited open beta which will begin on August 17. An Xbox 360 version is due to arrive late this year.

Executive producer Bill Roper's previous MMO Hellgate: London also offered a lifetime subscription for $149, which proved to be good for only fifteen months as developer Flagship Studios faced financial woes and the servers shut down in Feburary this year.