Fat Princess Devs Respond to Connection Complaints

Titan Studios has responded to the consternating fans of its new multiplayer title Fat Princess, saying that a patch to fix common connection problems is on the way. nope Since its release last Thursday, many Fat Princess customers have complained of being unable to connect to the game's servers. And once in a match, some are having trouble enjoying the game due to troublesome server lag.

"Players are sometimes experiencing significant lag in some games," admitted Titan on its blog. "Thanks to your feedback, we've identified a specific problem and already have a fix in testing."

Titan says that a patch is already being rushed through the Sony testing process.

"We have implemented a number of fixes for previously identified problems, focusing most of our efforts on connection failures," added the developer. "We have already tested this patch on our own client machines, and performance appears to be dramatically improved."

Titan noted that it is also working to address "Ice Mage abuse" and other "rank and point balance issues."