Dante's Inferno Comic-Con Contest Offers 'Hot Girls' for Committing 'Acts of Lust' with Booth Babes

By Nick Breckon, Jul 24, 2009 11:34am PDT Electronic Arts is running a Dante's Inferno contest at Comic-Con that promises "a sinful night with two hot girls" as a reward for snagging multiple pictures with any booth babes--or, as the contest puts it, committing "acts of lust."

The promotional flier (shown left) asks entrants to Facebook, Twitter or email in their pictures with booth babes. The grand prize winner, handpicked by EA staff, wins "a night with the hottest girl at Comic-Con, dinner, booty and more."

Of course, the actual contest rules--posted on www.sintowin.com--allow judges to rule out entrants that commit any actual acts of sin.

"Judges reserve the right, in their sole and absolute discretion, to disqualify any Submissions that are inappropriate for any reason, including without limitation, for depicting or mentioning sex, violence, drugs, alcohol and/or inappropriate language," reads the fine print.

Considering how few will read those rules, we can only feel sorry for the booth babes standing on the front lines of the Con as the geek offensive is launched.

As followers of E3 will remember, this isn't the first time the Dante's Inferno marketing team has gone for the edgy approach.

During this year's E3, Electronic Arts staged a fake Christian protest against the game, complete with signs that read "EA = Electronic Anti-Christ." The protest eventually spurred actual Christian activists to denounce the silly stunt.

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  • This is the kind of thing you get more of when Rockstar's sleazy and unethical marketing efforts are rewarded with free PR by generating media controversy about the questionable nature of the marketing practices. This kind of low-brow, sleazy marketing is designed and intended to generate news headlines and get free exposure for the product.

    Believe me, they will pop champagne corks at the marketing agency if Jack Thompson starts targeting Dante's Inferno instead of Grand Theft Auto, and they start having discussions about video game marketing on Fox News centered around the marketing campaign for Dante's Inferno.