Borderlands Trailer Offers Plenty of Gameplay

By Chris Faylor, Jul 24, 2009 8:13am PDT "The RPG and FPS made a baby" declares the latest trailer for Gearbox's Borderlands. There's also a promise of "87 bazillion guns," thanks to the way the game procedurally generates weapons and foes a la Diablo, along with one adorable dancing robot.

The stylish shooter-RPG hits PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 20.

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  • wow.. this game looks brilliant..

    I have my first complaint.. those experience points wont flash up after everything you shoot slugs at right?.. that could get annoying.. and it gives it a very arcade play to it. i hope you can disable that. nothing more annoying then having some numbers blind side you from an enemy standing in a distance..

    2k/Take 2 a Rockstar Branch, sure has changed their style.. They been working with a ton of realistic models that usually look pretty real in motion and what not.. GTA, Bioshock, Max Payne, army of two, this is a off step.. in visual designs.. But has been a growing fad just cause how 'hip or stunning it looks.. and with the ability of this fictional cartoon appearance gives a zany/impossible approach in fictional possibilities.

    I'm sure ever since Rage has been flashing around anyone who makes RPGs are kinda worried.. specially ones that are first person shooters.. having Id soft and bethesda soft as one team.. is a massive competition..

    which every game has a unique flare, and audience.. This game should do very well with its own crowd..