Valve 'Interested' in Having You Fund Its Next Game

by Nick Breckon, Jul 21, 2009 9:46am PDT

Valve chief Gabe Newell says that he is "super interested" in the idea of collecting funding for game development projects directly from the fans that will eventually buy the games.

"One of the areas that I am super interested in right now is how we can do financing from the community," said Newell to ABC's Good Game, a snippet noticed by Kotaku.

"So right now, what typically happens is you have this budget--it needs to be huge, it has to be $10m-$30m--and it has to be all available at the beginning of the project," he said. "There's a huge amount of risk associated with those dollars and decisions have to be incredibly conservative."

Newell's hypothetical solution is to raise that money directly from the public, eliminating much of that risk.

"What I think would be much better would be if the community could finance the games. In other words, 'Hey, I really like this idea you have. I'll be an early investor in that and, as a result, at a later point I may make a return on that product, but I'll also get a copy of that game.'"

As Kotaku notes, the idea itself is not new, but carrying it out on such a large scale would certainly break new ground. We will simply reiterate that Newell was speaking entirely in the hypothetical.


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  • I love Valve games, but they don't come out with many do they? They have long production cycles and I'm not a fan of the episodic games - I haven't even played the second one yet. I'm waiting for Black Mesa Source to come out so I can play them all in order...but that's not the point. These guys make millions on their games and should have the ability to fund their own projects. How often do you hear about other developers projects that have been announced that are canceled while under development for various non-monetary reasons, then there all all the games that are canned before we ever hear about them because they just weren't fun or didn't fit in with a developers ethos.

    I don't want to fund a game in advance only to have it get canceled, or maybe come out and suck. There are a lot of titles like that, and isn't a developer more likely to finish a game even if it sucks because they were funded by us the public. How often have you waited for a game under development to come out only to find it to be average or all together shitty.

    Also, let's not forget the HL2 fiasco, the surprise E3 announcement that it's coming out in two months only to have the game not ship for another year and a half, fingers pointed at hackers for stealing game code trying to cover up delay times while "reworking" the game. This is America still, offer us a product worthy of our dollars and people will by it, I'm not putting two cents in for a project that I don't know anything about, that they can't guarantee delivery, or is any fun until it's released and reviewed by a few reputable people. This is the worst idea I've ever heard.