Reversed Rhythm Shooter Retro/Grade Headed to PS3

Retro/Grade, a rhythm-based shooter played in reverse, is to be released on the PlayStation Network, developer 24 Caret Games has announced on PlayStation.Blog.

Nominated for excellence in both audio and design at the 2009 Independent Games Festival, Retro/Grade sees an ace fighter pilot forced to re-enact his epic side-scrolling space battle in reverse to save the space/time continuum, all in time with retro beats.

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Neither a price nor release date has been revealed. A PC demo created for the IGF is available on FileShack, though a full PC release might not materialise. "Playstation 3 is the only platform we have decided on so far," 24 Caret co-founder Matt Gilgenbach has told us. "We are considering other platforms, but haven't made any decisions yet."