EA to Host GLAAD Panel on Homophobia in Gaming

By Nick Breckon, Jul 14, 2009 7:04pm PDT Electronic Arts will play host to a panel on homophobia in videogame culture organized by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation this Saturday.

Representatives from Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Linden Labs, GayGamer.net and the Entertainment Software Association will be present. Topics will include "how to provide safe spaces for LGBT people online, how to ensure the best policies are in place to prevent virtual attacks against LGBT people and how to educate the users of online communities about the effects of homophobia."

As Gamasutra points out, GLAAD has become increasingly active in the gaming sphere. GLAAD director of digital media recently published an editorial on "The Impact of Homophobia in Virtual Communities."

The event is open to the public, and is being held at EA's headquarters in Redwood City, California from 11am-1pm. More information is available on the GLAAD site.

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  • Do you guys even know what empathy is? Have you ever read a story and your teacher asked you how you thought the main character felt? I swear to god people talk about gays and their troubles like they actually know what the fuck they're talking about.

    You will NEVER truly know what it feels to be oppressed or a "victim" of societal bigotry if you are not on the other side. If you're white you can't know the extent to how bad racism is. If you're Christian you will never know how bad you're made to feel if you're a Muslim. If you're male you will never know the stigma attached to being a female (in the workplace, or gaming). You can go on and on...

    I wanted to make a few things clear. Nearly every situation around us screams out heterosexuality. This whole "I'm free to think it's wrong/bad/disgusting" reminds me a lot of the way people in the south think about white women dating black men. Sure people have the right to think what they want about any given situation but it's wrong to breed hate and that is exactly what this type of thinking does.

    Can someone's hate hurt you over the computer? Ask Ryan Halligan's dad. Ryan, a 13 yr old boy, committed suicide in 2003 over cyberbullying that included his classmates and peers accusing him of being a homosexual. I know most of you believe that children shouldn't be playing these video games in the first place but THEY DO. Hell, I did when I was 13 and I'm sure most of you did too.

    All in all I'm glad *pun intended* that they're opening up the subject of homosexuality in ANY medium. The way gays are treated in this society is abominable and the fact that people think they have the right to treat them that way just blows my mind.