Madballs Coming This Week: Be the Baddest Ball

The "totally gross!" Madballs toys come to Xbox Live Arcade alongside The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition this week, with the marketing line that your friends and enemies will finally "see who is the baddest ball on the planet."

How do 1980s rubber balls whose claim to fame is being "so obnoxious and weird" translate to a video game? Why, as a class-based third-person shooter, of course.


The zany spheres will do battle in a campaign with four-player co-op as well as sixteen-player multiplayer--and your avatar's head can became a Madball to to join in the fun too.

Madballs in Babo Invasion will be released on Wednesday July 15 costing 1200 Microsoft Points ($15). There's no word from developer Playbrains on the PC version yet.