Atlus Bringing 'Awesome Master of Badass Beating-Up-People Guys' Game to North America

Publisher Atlus has revealed that it's planning to release Spike's PSP beat 'em up Kenka Bancho 3 to North America, and has sent out a survey to help rename the game.

"The game is all about you proving yourself as the baddest hombre in town, accomplished by putting your fist as ungently as possible into the faces and guts of your opponents," said Atlus, adding that the original Japanese title is essentially the "equivalent of 'Awesome Master of Badass Beating-Up-People Guys.'"

Ah, eyebeams. The ultimate hallmark of the badass.

Whatever it ends up being called, the game is due out in early 2010, with the list of the proposed names following below. Personally, I'm all for "Badass Rumble," but who knows how well that would go over with retailers and those in the marketing department.

    Potential Names:
    • Kenka Bancho
    • Badass
    • Badass Rumble
    • Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble
    • Turf Wars
    • Kenka Bancho: Turf War
    • Bancho Royale
    • Fist of the Bancho
    • Rise of the Bancho