Alpha Protocol Dev Diary Explores Its Options

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 03, 2009 11:36am PDT "We really tried to make the different approaches not necessarily equivalent but always balanced," explains Alpha Protocol creative designer Travis Stout in a new developer diary, "and there's always something and interesting and fun going on in each path."

Publisher Sega recently announced a release date of October 6 for Obsidian's PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 espionage RPG, with the creative tagline "The Espionage RPG."

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  • Alpha Protocol, lookin dope..

    I was gettin angry for a while because this is the first in game cuts they finally give everyone to see..

    They had the first trailer as you see a guy running in front of a bus.. that blows up.. which wasn't anything but a cut scene frm the story..

    which it looks awesome, seems they might have a Alone in the Dark -like- gameplay.. being able to switch from first person to third person.. From the description from the alpha protocol team, sounds like you have a open world to explore in. Ive been hyped about the game since i found it on sega's site.. Now i just know my guess was correct on this game being pretty fun to play

    What made me think it sounded awesome first, was the description that. Says you play as a contract killer, with the ability to execute your enemies in anyway you like.. using stealth is optional because you can be a expert in numerous styles of game play.. melee, weapons, explosives, and/or just making everything look like accidents.. either way.. the game concept is awesome.. I can't wait till its released..