Evening Reading

By Nick Breckon, Jul 01, 2009 6:00pm PDT Took a short trip over to Telltale today to check out Tales of Monkey Island. I'll write a thing on it soon. Well, very soon, considering the first episode launches next Tuesday.


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  • Vantage's Suggested Music of the Day

    Plod - What Happens To The Hole When The Cheese Is Gone?

    Listen to the VSMOTD and a few other tracks here

    Plod is an IDM/Freestyle/??? electronic outfit from the frozen wastelands of northern Sweden. I originally VSMOTD'd them back in 2001 to which The_Janitor replied "EXCELLENT. FATALITY." Whatever happened to that guy? Apparently he showed this album to some friends who mentioned it was so intense that they started to hallucinate. Strange friends.

    Anyways, if you dig Boards of Canada, Autechre or Orbital, this is probably something you will dig. It's mellow and soothing without being boring or irrelevant. Perfect for reading a book or a relaxed drive or just chilling out on the couch during a rain storm. Check it out!