Gaikai Video Demos Cloud Computing Service, Streaming Games

Industry veteran Dave Perry has released a video demonstrating Gaikai, an upcoming cloud-based service that can be used to stream games and other software in near real-time from a remote server to an internet-connected computer.

Unlike OnLive, which requires a specialized application, Perry claims that Gaikai only requires a Flash-capable web browser. The below video sees him run through several pieces of software, including World of Warcraft, Spore, Mario Kart 64, and Photoshop. BOOM video 2188

In a blog post, Perry says that the video shows a "home cable connection in a home" connecting to a server that's "not hosted by a Tier 1 provider, just a regular Data Center," with the data traveling roughly 800 miles (round trip) and a ping of 21 milliseconds.

After noting that "we are not in competition with any other streaming company or technology, our business model is entirely different," Perry took to the comments on his blog to clarify that "people do not come to us to play games, they play the games right on the publisher's site. The publisher uses our technology to make it all possible. So from wherever you click, you end up on the publisher's site with the latest version of the game."

He added that the service is currently looking for beta testers "especially in California," urging residents to submit a beta application at gaikai.com and to "please add a note that you live in California."