Uncharted 2 Plotting Another Multiplayer Demo (Updated)

Update: A "GameStop exclusive multiplayer demo" for Uncharted 2 will run from 8/19/2009 to 9/27/2009, according to the retailer. Those that pre-order the game from GameStop are promised both beta access and an "exclusive in-game Revenge Attribute."

It's unclear whether this is the second demo Wells was referring to--we have contacted both Naughty Dog and publisher Sony for clarification.

Original: PlayStation 3 action adventure Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will receive a second multiplayer demo, developer Naughty Dog revealed in PlayStation.Blog chat.

"We're going to have another multiplayer demo before the game hits shelves," wrote co-president Evan Wells. "The exact timing isn't finalized yet, but it should be available to an even wider group this time," referring to a recent closed multiplayer demo.


Creative director Amy Hennig comments that Naughty Dog is "really excited" about the recently-announced Uncharted movie--though Uncharted 2 is almost feature-length in itself as Wells declares "We have over 90 minutes of cinematics alone!"

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is scheduled to arrive exclusively on PlayStation 3 in the fall, with Wells promising that "an official date will be announced very soon."