Industry Responds to id Software Acquisition; Co-founder Romero Labels Deal 'Disgusting'

Update: id co-founder John Romero has apologized for his admittedly "harsh" reaction, noting that he is actually "positive about the Zenimax deal."

"i guess i was shocked and sad to see the id Software of old changed forever today," Romero explained in a later Twitter update. "it's a new day and a new id."

Original: While id Software steward John Carmack was more than pleased with Bethesda parent ZeniMax's acquisition of the infamously independent developer today, fellow id co-founder John Romero harshly criticized the deal in a pair of public messages.

"ZENIMAX??????? Disgusting," wrote Romero on his Twitter feed, later adding, "Fallout 3 bought DOOM. Wow." nope id Software was founded in 1991 by Romero, Tom Hall, John Carmack and Adrian Carmack. Romero left the company in 1996 to co-found ill-fated developer Ion Storm, and is now developing an unannounced MMO at Slipgate Ironworks.

At least one industry old-timer was less downbeat in his reaction.

"There's no better company that could have bought id," wrote 3D Realms' George Broussard in the Shacknews comments.

"We're all pretty lucky, as I expect Zenimax to largely leave id alone to do what they do as they do with Bethesda," added Broussard. "Remember that Oblivion and Fallout 3 were made under this same arrangement."

"If this were another publisher it might be cause for a wake, but in this case it's nearly cause for celebration," he concluded.

Meanwhile, longtime id Software publishing partner Activision issued a short statement, saying that they "congratulate id and wish them well on their new endeavors."

Activision will continue to publish id and Raven's Wolfenstein, while Electronic Arts has stated that its publishing deal with id for the developer's upcoming original shooter Rage will be unaffected by the acquisition.