New Max Payne 3 Details Reveal Joint Development, Return of Internal Monologue

By Chris Faylor, Jun 24, 2009 7:34am PDT A few new details on Max Payne 3 have emerged out of Rockstar Games, as the company today issued a fact sheet to accompany the debut screenshots released yesterday.

Among the revelations is word that other Rockstar studios are helping the Bully veterans at Rockstar Vancouver with the anticipated sequel--prior to the official announcement, rumors had suggested that The Warriors veterans at Rockstar Toronto were working on the game--and the return of "Max's ever-present internal monologue."

As for the mention of an "intelligent cover system," don't fret too much--Rockstar has already promised that "the way that you experience this world [of Max Payne 3] isn't just take cover, shoot, and move to the next piece of cover."

Developer: Rockstar Vancouver (as primary) other R* studios contributing
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Releases: Winter 2009

About The Story
Max Payne 3 begins 12 years after the events of Max Payne 2, with Max visibly older, more violent, and more world-weary from the events of his own life. Having left the NYPD, Max has been taking odd jobs in security and consulting, and when we find him he is providing personal protection for a wealthy family in Sao Paolo, one of the world's deadliest and most crime-ridden cities. At absolute rock-bottom, Max discovers that trouble still dogs his every step, and he finds himself drawn into the brutal heart of the Brazil's dark underworld.

About The Game
Max Payne 3 retains many trademarks of its predecessors; a focus on story and character-driven action, a large number of sophisticated weapons with dual-wield capabilities, Bullet-Time, an addiction to painkillers, mature themes and Max's ever-present internal monologue. Max Payne 3 also utilizes Natural Motion and Rockstar's own RAGE engine, working with brand-new particle physics technology to deliver spectacular, highly advanced close-quarters combat, an intelligent cover system, and constantly varied gameplay in every level.

About Brazil
Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world, by area and population, and is notoriously known to house a number of the world's worst drug traffickers, street gangs and kidnappers. The number one cause of death among the youth is murder.

Sao Paolo's young gangs are amongst the most violent in the world, and the most dangerous of those is said to be the Primeiro Comando da Capital. The PCC has organized prison breaks, prison riots, drug trafficking, highway robberies and kidnappings since it was formed in 1993. With one gun for every 75 people in the country and 95% of those firearms obtained illegally, Max will need every skill he has in order to survive.

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  • First of all, to the guy who had a problem with the metaphorical monologues:

    Noir is dark and often uses that kind of talk. This was a tribute/homage/sort of satire of that genre and it worked perfectly. It had just enough action mixed with awesome bleak storytelling.

    I love the fact that this has moved to South America. The Rockstar guys have alway been able to tell an amazingly cool story (Bully excluded) and this sounds like it might lean along the path of Man on Fire, which was such an amazing film that I may just have to go and watch it right now just because I mentioned it.

    I look forward to playing this again, I will prolly end up getting a console version since my PC is a crock of shit, but i look forward to at least reading about the awesome mods that eventually turn up if they are gonna be anything like the previous games mods.

  • Running around a bunch of nasty foreign slums filled with teenage gangsters wearing t-shirt ninja masks is supposed to rock my world? If the player doesn't relate to the surroundings, they will just blend together: they'll look like the repeating backgrounds from cheap old cartoons.

    The new character design makes Max Payne look more like Carl from ATHF; tagline for this new game? Carl went on the Atkins--and a murderous rampage.

    GTA IV proved, I think, that Rockstar COULD make a good shooter eventually if they really put some effort into it; IV was a big improvement over the combat aspects of previous games in the series. This might even be that shooter, but this isn't Max Payne.