LucasArts Might Revamp More Classic Adventures

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 18, 2009 8:59am PDT The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition could be but the first in a string of classic LucasArts adventure game revivals if the sales figures support it, reports WAtoday.

"If this sells," said LucasArts community manager Brooks Brown, "there's no one at this company who doesn't want to do these games," raising hopes for re-releases of such fine adventure titles as Day of the Tentacle and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

"It's a matter of showing that there's interest and this market is alive and get people as excited as possible about Monkey Island Special Edition to show that these things can make it," Brown explained.

If the redrawn graphics--with the old graphics also available--full voice-over and re-orchestrated score weren't reason enough to buy The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition when it arrives on PC and Xbox Live Arcade in summer, this surely is.

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  • Come On, LucasArts! Why not follow Telltale's lead and create some new quality sequels or side stories? Sure it'll require a bit more effort on your part, but in the end everyone will be satisfied. You'll have your monies and a renewed interest in the adventure game genre. Younger gamers get an introduction to the series and likely get interested in the previous games. The older crowd will get more of what they love, or if they don't like it they'll just choose to ignore it as if it never happened. Everyone wins!

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    • It'll only work if:
      - it's 2D (not 3D like telltales),
      - story/dialogue is written with care and seriousness.
      - crafted with care/seriousness (not just cartoon graphics).

      Lucasarts are the ones to reboot/refurbish/repolish the genre (while staying traditional). Next gen adventure games are like mini-movies (have similar quality to it). SCUMM (while simple) is still a good/basic foundation to make things work, same thing goes for Imuse (and I kind of prefer that to remastered studio sound). Update SCUMM/Imuse and you have the premise of next-gen adventure engine. It's cheaper to make than a FPS game, it's has potential to play out as movies (which very could work alongside a real move, f.i. new indiana jones), and it's intellectual (sets it apart from the rest).