New Max Payne 3 Art Hits Alongside New Details (Updated with Confirmation and More Info)

By Chris Faylor, Jun 12, 2009 4:00pm PDT Update: With more Game Informer subscribers receiving the latest issue, Shacknews can confirm the rumored points in our original report.

Furthermore, we've also updated the list with several new details, including more on the cover system and word of human shields.

New Details

  • The cover system is "not the focus of the game," writes Game Informer, with Rockstar's Rob Nelson noting that "the way that you experience this world isn't just take cover, shoot, and move to the next piece of cover."
  • "We took all the elements of traditional Max and expanded it out so the game becomes gun ballet, or gun-fu, or whatever you want to call it," added Nelson.
  • Max Payne 3 is set 12 years after the events of Max Payne 2.
  • Max is a broken man, and now works in private security for a wealthy family. He moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil to escape the demons of New York.
  • Many objects in the game are destructible, such as crates.
  • Max can now use human shields.
  • Rockstar used scanning equipment to help capture the real-life feel of the Sao Paulo ghettos, which apparently caused some issues getting through customs.

Original: Game Informer has revealed a new piece of artwork from Max Payne 3, with the sequel to be featured in its July 2009 issue.

While little is known of the forthcoming action game, which is being developed by Rockstar Vancouver instead of creator Remedy and occurs roughly 10 years after Max Payne 2, Deeko passes along some details allegedly pulled out of Game Informer.

  • In addition to being bald and bearded, Max is addicted to pain killers.
  • That pain killer addiction will affect gameplay.
  • The game is set in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with battles in "urban ghetto" locales.
  • "Fully destructible environments" and a cover system are in.
  • Bullet Time is now "more visceral and ultra-violent."
  • Online multiplayer is in, but no details.
  • Powered by Rockstar's RAGE technology (GTA4, Red Red Redemption).

Clarification on the above rumors, which do seem to fit with what we already know, should arrive shortly as more subscribers receive the magazine.

Max Payne 3 is slated to hit PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in winter 2009.

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  • The Game Informer article was actually very light on details, while it says what has been leaked above, there really isn't anything substantial like how bullet time is going to work, what MP is like, if the graphic novel is even in, etc. If the game doesn't have realistic bullet tracing and modeling then it really is a far departure, what made the Max Payne games so great was the fact that each bullet was accurately modeled and given proper trajectory and speed, making the bullet time so much more visceral. Don't bother getting upset or excited yet, there isn't much to go in from what GI was able to see of the game.

    However, I am excited that it is using Euphoria. Max Payne 2 was so much better because of its implementation of Havok 2.0, this will probably yield the same result. Controls, bullet time features, story, new voice actors and a lot more hasn't been revealed, so wait it out for a video or a hands on preview to really get an idea of what they are doing, because that article was pretty uninformative.

  • remedy didn't want to make a max payne 3 cause they felt it was complete after part 2. rockstar just wants to suck some more money out off max by making part 3. and what they come up with is just to easy. just use an engine we also use foor gta, 4 red dead redemtion and now max payne 3 and the worst thing about it is that max payne should be focused on pc and i understand they need to do console to but using that engine is just taking the pc gamers up the ass. and i dont get why they need to change so damn much to the franchise. with there own gta franchise they just keep using the same city's and with max remedy's franchise they just dont care. that's just wrong.