Sony Planning UMD to PSP Go Game Transfer

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 05, 2009 1:54pm PDT Sony is planning a system which will allow owners of physical UMD-based PSP games to receive digital copies for play on the download-only PSP Go, according to Gizmodo.

"We're in the midst of putting together a good will program," director of hardware marketing John Koller told the site, "A short term good-will program that would continue for years afterward," though he revealed very little of what it will entail.

Koller likened the program to the Portable Copy system that allows the download of Blu-ray movies onto the PSP--but he says users will not be ripping their UMDs.

Koller mentioned that Sony is "looking at what kind of games will be offered," suggesting that not all games will be available for transfer from UMD onto the PSP Go.

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  • I can see 2-3 ways of dealing with this missing consideration of UMD's from Sony:

    1) Some sevice in shops where you exchange the UMD with a file.

    2) The sony site giving you a free copy of what is detected in the UMD slot (you have an older psp with UMD drive).

    3) Sony make an UMD disk reader for psp go and it's very cheap. Alternatively, this could be a sort of cable to speak with another UMD psp. If this is too hard to make cheap for users, at least they could have a device in the shops (see no. 1).

    Anyway, I think it's silly that Sony totally killed the UMD disk - but I also guess they had to decide about the limited storage and pressure from the software producers making games that can't fit an UMD. In the Gran Turismo package (UMD) they put a code for some bonus software if you have the Psp Go and we proberly end up with buying a license code for downloading each game, so they just let the UMD versions run out of stock.