Red Steel 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

By Alice O'Connor, Jun 04, 2009 1:34pm PDT After showing a trailer and screenshots, Ubisoft has kicked things up a notch with 13 minutes of Red Steel 2's opening narrated by creative director Jason VandenBerghe.

Using Nintendo's Wii MotionPlus accessory for enhanced control and precision, Ubisoft Paris's Red Steel 2 is due in stores for the Wii this holiday season.

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  • This looks so crap.

    Red Steel 1 was fun. It's still the only decent FPS on wii after 3 years. I never found anything buggy, and I found the controls great. First game I played, after like 10 minutes I could use it as well as I use dual analogue. It's much BETTER than dual analogue too. It's inferior to mouse and keyboard in some ways, as everything is, but it beats it in others. You just point and click and bam, headshot across the level, so it's much quicker and easier to headshot people.

    What was great about Red Steel was guns. Like all fps. Now.. the sword duels were a bit lame, you just swung around randomly. Looks like dueling in this is much better. Pity you duel EVERYONE. It would've been nice in RS1 to have had a sword for close range killing and to use in multiplayer. This, however, is crap. It looks ridiculously repetitive. And no multiplayer either.

    I don't know why on earth they changed the formula. All they needed to do was add more multiplayer modes, a better character selection system, more multiplayer maps, casual melee perhaps or a sword duel mode against friends, and fix whatever "bugs" people complained about (I saw none and I've spent hundreds of hours in multiplayer with my friends), but instead they ruined it.

    It looks like they've taken Madworld and added colour and swords, and removed traps. You just do the same thing OVER and OVER. It takes like 30 seconds to kill ONE enemy, it should be BAM headshot, dead. Plus, the hand on the gun looks appalling.

    Looks like The Conduit is what's gonna be keeping my wii occupied for local multiplayer until Timesplitters 4 gets a release date.