The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition Gameplay Footage and Comparison Screenshots

Secret of Monkey Island fans apprehensive about LucasArts' newly-announced revamp of the classic adventure can test their hopes and fears with comparison screenshots.

nope Screenshots are all good and well but video is needed to size up the redrawn graphics, re-orchestrated score, new interface and full voice acting. We, as it so happens, have a hodgepodge of footage--with the odd dip into the old graphics forcomparison.

BOOM video 2016

In addition to this tarted up classic, LucasArts also announced that the much-loved series is being revived with the brand new Tales of Monkey Island by Telltale Games--developer of the current Sam & Max games--in five monthly episodes, kicking off July 7.

Developed internally at LucasArts, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is scheduled for release on PC and Xbox Live Arcade this Summer.