Team Ninja's 'Metroid: Other M' Announced

By Nick Breckon, Jun 02, 2009 10:11am PDT Nintendo today announced Metroid: Other M, a new Metroid title being developed by Ninja Gaiden developer Team Ninja in conjunction with Nintendo.

A trailer for the game was shown, showing a dynamic Samus Aran fighting enemies such as Ridley and speaking for the first time in a Metroid game. The trailer appeared to show gameplay in both first and third-person perspectives.

"It will take you deeper into Samus' story, and further into the Metroid universe," said Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime, who prefaced the introduction by stating Nintendo's intention to develop a "mature" game that would satisfy internet-dwelling fans. Team Ninja lacks former heavyweight designer Tomonobu Itagaki--Dead or Alive creator and designer of Ninja Gaiden--who left last year following a legal dispute with Tecmo.

Metroid: Other M is set for a 2010 release on Wii. Click on for the first trailer.

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  • So Samus has new developer team... Team Ninja... The guys who made a flawed Ninja Giaden Sigma.. which i think was probably one of the first, worst, games on the PS3.. but then some like having non dynamic levels.. and a straight run on story.. sure haveing billions of enemies that respond as you wonder back threw the are, being the only difficult part in Ninja Gaiden some may like the whole complexity of old retro game styles placed in new games.. I didn't..

    Studios Japan's Tecmo -Team Ninja - content is in Japanese

    had a great aspect in Ninja Gaiden just not game play.. seems they are goin to layout Metroid Prime a new sort of interface.. taking Samus back to her roots onto how she became a great Bounty Hunter..

    With the game has both 3rd person, and First person action.. as Seen in the full article above's video..

    The story looks like it will have a lot to do with the very Begining.. Which also they are going to try and step of up the pace of the game instead of it being a mild adventuring first person.. they want to give it a fast action run as seeming like Mirror's edge.. The third person shots make me wonder if that is going to be a extra functionality/ perhaps Samus goes into a attack mode.. and it turns the first person into a third person orientated during quick paced fights..

    I been playing the game Metroid since the early first Nintendo came out with it back in the 80s
    And i became a new fan back when the GameCube had the title of Metroid: Prime.. i couldn't ever finish Metroid: echos, because i kept getting lost..
    Metroid is a game where u would spend a good amount of time adventuring threw giant stages..

    Where Metroid prime echoes is a game that actually had me going online to figure out what i had to do next..
    Then Metroid Corruption came out that didn't really hold onto its hype as like both those previous two titles that were for the GameCube.. it had a little bit more interface but nothing to radical.. which is why they are going for another key into the gameplay.. it appears anyways.

    Oh well im going to keep my eye on this Metroid.. Corruption was a big yawn.. this one appears to play with some intense pace.. which is superb..