Champions Online Hitting Xbox 360 Later This Year, Star Trek Online Due by April 2010

New details on the projects being handled by City of Heroes veterans Cryptic Studios emerged out of studio owner and publisher Atari today via financial documents.

First up was word that the Xbox 360 version of the super-powered MMO Champions Online will arrive by the end of the year, at some time between September 1 and December 31. The PC edition of Champions Online is due to launch on September 1. nope

Next, Atari confirmed that the next MMO out of Cryptic, Star Trek Online, is expected to launch no later than March 31, 2010. No platforms were mentioned, though the company has previously said that STO is coming to "both console and PC formats."

Finally, the company teased that Cryptic is working on a "series of new games based on Atari's existing and historically successful IPs," but offered no further information.