Shooter MMO CrimeCraft Now Best Buy Exclusive

By Chris Faylor, May 28, 2009 3:02pm PDT The retail PC edition of Vogster's "persistent world next-gen shooter" CrimeCraft will only be sold through vendor Best Buy in North America, publisher THQ has announced. pre-orders for the game will open on May 31, with retail locations starting to accept pre-orders on June 7. Those that pre-order will get early beta access, a three-day head start on the launch server, and in-game Marc Ecko shoes.

Additionally, Best Buy will provide those that buy the August-due Unreal Engine 3-powered shooter-MMO with two free months of play, discounts on in-game items, and several other "exclusive" in-game clothing options from "real-world fashion labels."

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  • AC/DC came out with their latest album exclusively at Walmart. Their previous album, Stiff Upper Lip, sold about 100K copies its first week. Their new album Black Ice, the Walmart exclusive, sold 770K copies its first week. Being exclusively in Walmart, especially with the promotion Walmart did for it (for a while there Walmart was more or less an AC/DC T-shirt store), works well. The new Eagles album was a Walmart exclusive and sold 3.3M copies in one year.

    Guns N' Roses came out with Chinese Democracy exclusively in Best Buy. The album sold around 200K units its first week and was beaten on the charts by the new album from The Killers. It dropped off pretty quickly after that. Best Buy did almost no promotion for it. I went and got it on day one and you would have never known that one of the more highly anticipated albums of the last ten years was on sale there that day.

    So, I hope this developer got paid up front because this is not going to end well.