New Saints Row 2 'Corporate Warfare' DLC Announced

By Nick Breckon, May 20, 2009 12:02pm PDT THQ today announced the second DLC pack for Saints Row 2, "Corporate Warfare," which will pit players against the evil Ultor Corporation in a new set of missions.

The mission arc will detail a civil war within Ultor, and "reveal the whereabouts of the long-lost 3rd Street Saint, Dex." The pack will also contain "new vehicles, customization options, multiplayer maps, achievements and more."

Corporate Warfare hits May 28 for 560 Microsoft Points, or $7.00 on the PlayStation Network.

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  • I agree, I remember the reason Volition delayed SR2 for the PC was to make it as great a game for the PC as possible. Well anyone who played it knows what a joke that was, game was buggy as hell. And not having the DLC for PC is just as equally lame. So yes, I am fully expecting RF:G to blow chunks for the PC as well. Its bad enough they wait until the last minute to announce its delay and this time with no reason whatsoever given. People have it preordered only to find out a couple days in advance they will have to wait 2 more months for it. Who does business like that? I will not even go near buying that till I read some reviews for it. Such a bad business model they have over there.