Secret of Monkey Island Coming to Xbox 360?

Rumors and rating boards are at it again, with indications that Ron Gilbert and LucasArt's classic adventure title The Secret of Monkey Island is headed to Xbox 360.

An Xbox 360 edition, titled "The Secret Of Monkey Island - Special Edition," briefly appeared on Germany's USK ratings board, according to GamerBytes. That same site previously leaked the existence of the then-unconfirmed Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

1990 was a very long time ago. 19 years, to be exact.

While still unconfirmed, the listing lines up with an earlier Destructoid rumor that LucasArts would be announcing a revival of a "classic franchise" at E3, which runs from June 2-4. Meanwhile, Adventure Gamers suggests, via unnamed sources, that the Xbox 360 version of Monkey Island will be a downloadable Xbox Live Arcade release.