Morning Discussion

By Chris Faylor, May 19, 2009 6:30am PDT

Morning folks, how about a new chatty? Sorry to have left you trapped in that old one for so long, today's one of those "hit the ground running" types, and I figured you'd all rather hear about the new Fallout 3 DLC than whatever banter I would have come up with.

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  • I stopped by Best Buy and picked up Punch Out.

    Then walking out the door they had WiiFit and Active for a neat discount if you bought them both. They had one WiiFit left so I caved in like a good consumer whore, and bought my second WiiFit and EA Active. I dunno the back of the box looked like exactly what I thought WiiFit was going to be like originally, plus the positive buzz on the shack.

    I'm home now and surprised I can't find any reviews about the EA Active yet. I haven't opened it yet since it was an impulse buy, and would like some idea on how it is.

    Also my Wii is bitching I havent turned it on in a year, shut up Wii.