First Screenshots of Recoil's 'Earth No More' Released; Game 'Unaffected' By 3D Realms Shutdown

The first screenshots of the nature-themed shooter Earth No More have been released by independent Finnish developer Recoil Games. nope Though few details of the game have been revealed, the shooter is said to be a tale of environmental rebellion, with an angry Mother Earth serving as the player's enemy. The title is in development for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. No release date has been scheduled, and Recoil has yet to secure a publisher for the game.

Earth No More was announced in 2007 by Recoil and then-producer 3D Realms. Following the formation of 3DR founder Scott Miller's Radar Group, the new company took over 3DR's role on the project.

Despite the connection between Radar Group and the recently shut down 3D Realms, Recoil founder Samuli Syvahuoko has told Gamasutra that the trouble in Dallas has not affected development of the Finnish game.

"The situation at 3D Realms has no effect on us or Earth No More," said Syvahuoko, who was also a co-founder of Max Payne developer Remedy.

After being questioned on Earth No More's release date, Syvahuoko responded: "We are keeping all the doors open for now. Once we have a publisher in the picture, we will figure all this stuff out."