More Duke Nukem Forever Artwork Leaks (Updated)

By Chris Faylor, May 11, 2009 9:24am PDT Joining the already leaked assets and gameplay footage, more media from Duke Nukem Forever has emerged from now-defunct developer 3D Realms. [Screenshots and design documents removed at the request of a former 3D Realms staffer.]

First up, we have a variety of character models and enemy renders from ex-artist Mark Skelton. Be warned, some of the images are not work safe due to bare breasts.

Following that, some level art from former artist Chris DeSimone:
A couple character models from Randy Forsyth:
And some more weapons and various craft from Chris Smith:

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  • Iv been following this game as long as I can remember now(as Im sure alot of you have been). The way I see this is one of 2 ways. The first is 3dr shut down and some pissed off employee who snuck a memory card into work one day is going to leak the game OR its actually finished and about to come out.

    The picture of the 3dr staff that was posted a couple days ago dident look like a picture of people who had just wasted 12 years of their life. They looked pumped all of them. Also its been stated many times by 3dr that we wouldent see anything new on the game until it was about to come out.

    So weather or not its option 1 or option 2 I think we will see the game very shortly in one form or another.

  • I for one am REALLY fucked off that 3Drealms never managed to get this title out over the 13 years it was in development. There really isn't any excuse in the world that can cover them on this.

    Yeah it's terrible that they all lost their jobs and are probably joining the struggle along with millions of others across the globe. But I can't help but feel this could have been prevented if they had just picked up the pace and set themselves a deadline. Because seriously, 13 years and this is all they had. Saying that, look at PREY. It took 10 years for that game to see the light of day.

    So now, we get a shit load of concepts and ideas, gameplay leaks and models, but still don't get any real news on where this is going.. Its like being beaten while your down..