TimeGate, Paramount Settle 'Section 8' Lawsuit

Developer TimeGate today confirmed with Shacknews that it has settled the lawsuit against Paramount Digital Entertainment and Paramount Pictures over "Section 8."

Filed in early April, the lawsuit saw TimeGate allege that Paramount infringed on its "Section 8" trademark with an "interactive web series," announced just days after Paramount cancelled a meeting to see TimeGate's unrelated Section 8 video game. nope

The suit was dismissed without prejudice--meaning that TimeGate retains the option to re-file at a later date--after Paramount agreed to not use the "Section 8" moniker for its web series. It's the second such lawsuit and victory for TimeGate. Last year, TimeGate took ABC to court over the network's plans to make a sci-fi show titled "Section 8."

Under development since 2005, TimeGate's "intense sci-fi first-person shooter" Section 8 is currently slated to drop on PC and "next-gen console platforms" in late 2009.