Rumor: Scratch Ultimate DJ Gets New Developer

As the legal battle between DJ Hero developer Activision and Scratch: The Ultimate DJ publisher Genius Products continues to unfold, "sources with knowledge of the game's development" have told Kotaku that Scratch is now in the hands of a new studio.

Scratch was originally being developed by 7 Studios, but following Activision's purchase of the developer, Genius Products terminated the agreement. Activision and 7 Studios were then ordered to turn over the source code for the game and its development tools. nope

"[The code] is theirs. It belongs to [Genius and hardware maker Numark]. They paid six million dollars for it," said Judge James Chalfant, reports Gamasutra. "I'm done."

According to Kotaku's sources, Scratch is now under development at BottleRocket, which recently made headlines when its Splatterhouse project was confiscated by publisher Namco Bandai and then handed off to another developer.