Sacred Developer Ascaron Files for Bankruptcy, Currently in Takeover Talks

By Chris Faylor, Apr 20, 2009 9:18am PDT European publisher and Sacred series developer Ascaron Entertainment has filed for bankruptcy protection and is now in "negotiations with several well-known interested parties to discuss a positive takeover," the company has revealed.

"After four years developing Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, an extended development delay made it necessary for Ascaron to go into administration," it explained, noting that its development team is currently working on a Sacred 2 PC expansion and Sacred 3.

The company went into administration last week, on April 14, meaning that the studio will temporarily continue operations though it is incapable of repaying its debts.

"Due to the protection offered by German administration rights, Ascaron intends to use this as an opportunity to secure the future of the company," the company noted.

The filing will have no effect on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sacred 2, which arrived on PC last year, as Ascaron said that both console editions of the action-RPG are complete and expected to launch by the end of May.

"The server and services of Sacred 2 multiplayer and the Securom game activation are unaffected and will continue as usual," added the company.

"Further updates will be provided in due course."

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  • I really shack hyped this game and have read that a few people hated it. Sorry it didn't get your click on. I feel bad if they wasted their money but the demo was a good indication of the game for me anyway. I still like to play it but I can never dedicate long spans of time. I can just jump in and goof around then bail. Its the perfect clicky-clicky way to unwind.

    I re-installed TQ:IT and will be playing that too (with some mods) but I find S2 much more interesting and its a gorgeous world to explore. Hopefully they can get the 360 version out and not fold completely. I never understood why they did that EU only release to start and didn't make the elite textures available for Steam users. Their server browser leaves a lot to be desired and understanding how all the combat arts work takes some time in the forums. For all its flaws it great and I will probably play it until Deckard Cain returns and invites me to stay a while by the fire.

  • I agree to those saying this is the best ARPG to date. There's huge amount of content but the best part is the details that went into that content. I usually dont bother reading quest logs, or paying much attention to the mobs i'm slaying but this game constantly surprises me. Sure there are a lot of generic stuff as well but a Blind Guardian concert ? How can you not love stuff like that ?
    The only downside that i can think of is the balance between the goofy and the serious. I dont mind when some of the npcs or the quests are silly but its hard for me to enjoy playing my Shadow Warrior if he walks and fights like a school girl ...
    Oh and the lack of character customization (different faces, hair type, facial hair, body size, height etc) buggers me as well;
    Other than that.. Sacred 2 is AWESOME !

  • Beside love for this title from some people, this game actualy is a failure in some way. First it was disaster on the home ground, (in Germany). It was very expected title but very soon many were dissapointed.
    Games was looong time in developement and after all that time come up with complitely empty story and not-interesting gamaplay.
    And in the end - beside the european hate for game activations - they have this unwanted protection.

    I know that many people like the look of the game but even there are so many testless things and without sence for good taste - to not mention the music - it is the worst.

    It is pity that I can't say more nice words for the game but, I am sorry for the Ascaron.