Stalin vs. Martians Suffers Last Minute Delay

Originally slated to release today, Stalin vs. Martians (PC) has been unexpectedly postponed until later this month "due to the long march across the Siberian tundra." nope

Described today as an "arcade RTS" by publisher Mezmer, the quirky digitally distributed title was developed across three separate studios: BWF, Dreamlore and N-Game. It's been billed as the "the perfect choice for anyone who just hates the strategy genre."

"A dictator is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to," said Mezmer executive producer Tom Soderlund. In light of the delay, the 20% pre-order discount on "all leading digital download portals" has been extended until release, with Direct2Drive now showing the reduced price. Still no listing on Steam, however.