Bethesda Trademarks Fallout for TV and Movies

Two trademarks filings spotted by Dwell On It show Bethesda Softworks has recently filed trademarks for Fallout covering use in television and movies, via Joystiq.

The trademarks, filed February 5 by the Fallout 3 developer and property owner, cover the Fallout name in relation to "Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program" and "motion picture films about a post-nuclear apocalyptic world."

Bethesda appears to be tying up the Fallout property's loose ends for grand future plans, including planning to pull the plug on Interplay's Fallout MMO.

Whether anything will come of these trademarks remains to be seen but the prospect of a Fallout movie is enticing--even if, given the track record of video game movies, it would end up set in 2009 New York City, where hero Pip Vaulta must disarm a dirty bomb.