Rock Out With Your PSP Out in Rock Band Unplugged

A shiny trailer and screenshots today illuminate Harmonix and Backbone's Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP, which received a low-key announcement earlier this year.

BOOM video 1728 The full Rock Band experience is present, including World Tour, Band Survival and Warm Up modes, a character creator, and an in-game downloadable content store.

All four Rock Band instruments--even vocals--are played with the regular PSP buttons, unlike rival franchise Guitar Hero's DS entry On Tour which used a plug-in controller.


Unplugged also briefly features the following songs as exclusives, though they will later become available as downloadable content for other Rock Band games:

  • 3 Doors Down - "Kryptonite"
  • AFI - "Miss Murder"
  • Alice in Chains - "Would?"
  • Audioslave - "Gasoline"
  • Black Tide - "Show Me the Way"
  • Blink 182 - "What's My Age Again"
  • Freezepop - "Less Talk More Rokk"
  • Jackson 5 - "ABC"
  • Tenacious D - "Rock Your Socks"
Published by MTV Games, Rock Band Unplugged is out for the PSP on June 9.