TimeGate Sues Paramount over 'Section 8' Trademark

Kohan developer TimeGate has filed suit against Paramount Digital Entertainment and Paramount Pictures over the title of its upcoming game "Section 8," according to a Team Xbox report. nope TimeGate apparently alleges in the lawsuit that Paramount illegally used the title of "Section 8" for an "interactive web series." TimeGate also points out that Paramount announced the web series just three days after cancelling a meeting to play TimeGate's Section 8.

When reached for comment, TimeGate confirmed to Shacknews that it was involved in legal action with Paramount, but declined to elaborate on the specifics.

TimeGate took similar legal action against ABC last year after the television studio had used the name Section 8 for an upcoming sci-fi drama. TimeGate won the lawsuit, with ABC agreeing to change the title.

Section 8 has been in development since 2005. The first-person shooter, centered around a squad of futuristic soldiers that drop into battle from orbiting ships, is due out later this year on PC and Xbox 360.