Madden NFL 10 Release Date Revealed, EA Says Game 'Epitomizes What Fun Looks Like on the Wii'

BOOM widget 77900 EA has revealed that the latest annual entry in its famed Madden NFL football game franchise will arrive this year on Friday, August 14.

Handled once again by EA Tiburon in Florida, Madden NFL 10 will appear in PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PSP varieties.

This year's iteration promises "more control over the outcome of the play" and "all-new animation technology," with the Wii edition said to be "completely redesigned" and sporting a "genre-defining art style" so that it "epitomizes what fun looks like on the Wii."

Other buzzwords and bullet points in today's release included "online innovation that will connect Madden fans together like never before" and "an immersive broadcast presentation that captures the suspense and emotion of the NFL."

As for the game's cover, EA will reveal the lucky (or unlucky, if you buy into the whole Madden curse thing) cover athlete in a presentation on Friday, April 24.