Next Fable 2 DLC Release Coming in Weeks, Creator Hints at Fable 3 and Other New Game

Following up on the dry confirmation that more content is coming, Lionhead head Peter Molyneux has dropped a few new details as to what's in store for Fable II (X360). nope

The next downloadable add-on, "See the Future," should hit in the coming weeks, he told Kotaku. "It's a little bit more story driven [than the first DLC]," Molyneux explained. "It answers some of the questions, if you're a real fan of Fable...it starts to tease and hint at what it starting to happen in the world of Albion and what is happening in the future."

"If we were to take the franchise even further, going on from Fable II, I'm not announcing anything, but if you play See the Future you're going to be getting a flavor at what's going to be happening," he added, not-so-subtly hinting at the rumored Fable III.

Molyneux also stressed that "Lionhead shouldn't be thought of as just doing Fable," as it's "working incredibly hard on something else" that hasn't yet been shown. "The rule is we have to have something to show, to prove it," he commented in a separate Kotaku report. "Those days of high media concept are gone now and quite rightfully so."