Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack Hits Consoles

By Chris Faylor, Mar 19, 2009 3:02pm PDT As promised, the first downloadable map pack for Treyarch's Call of Duty: World at War hit Xbox 360 earlier today, and will arrive on PlayStation 3 before the day's end.

The $10 download brings four new maps to the shooter's multiplayer component: Nightfire, Knee Deep, Station and Verruckt (Zombie Asylum). That last map is for the Nazi Zombie mode, and supplies players with more weapons and Perks-a-Cola.

Details on PC DLC are "coming soon," says Activision. But whether you're waiting for the pack to release or just finish downloading, why not check out the latest trailer?

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  • The new zombie map is worth the $10 alone. The only downside is if you're playing online, bring a friend. If you're playing with randoms you're going to get stuck with one of the guys while the other two start off elsewhere.

    You can meet up, but only after the power is turned back on... which also powers the perk-drinks (juggernaut, sleight of hand, double tap & quick teammate revive perks)

    My favorite new purchasable weapon is the Bouncing Betty perk. For $1000 you get 2 of them but they replenish (like grenades do) every round. They're extra good because they don't hurt you or teammates so putting them at a dead end as a fallback plan is very effective.

    Big things I like about it:
    -A ton of doors to open
    -Lots of different guns on the walls, roughly one or two per large room... of which there are several
    -Perk "drinks" that you can buy (juggernaut, sleight of hand, double tap & quick revive)
    -Bouncing Betty that you can buy
    -Some of the zombies now "goose step" which is hilarious and awesome