Overlord 2 Screenshots: Is That Spider from Mars?

Truly, that spider is not of this world. And frankly, I am determined to rid Overlord II of such a foul, disgusting creature. If I end up dominating the world in the process, so be it. nope But ruling the world? Not as easy as you'd think. Creative director Lennart Sas explains:
Overlord II empowers players to enact their evil will in either a dominating or destructive way...For example, if you need to take a boat from one area to the next, are you evil enough to trigger global warming, melt the ice caps, so that you create your own private sea to sail across? Well, are you?

Published by Codemasters, Triumph Studio's strategy-centric action game sequel is slated to hit PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this summer.