Weekend Discussion

By Chris Faylor, Mar 14, 2009 8:55am PDT Nice to see that we got some actual BioShock 2 details yesterday, especially after the early morning fake-out. Though I will admit, I'm a bit bummed that the rhinoceros and giant squid bosses turned out to be bunk. Those sounded off-the-wall awesome.

As Indiana is still pulling the old "it looks sunny and nice outside but it's really just a few degrees above freezing" trick, I think I'll end up spending most of the weekend inside. Let's see how many episodes of The Wire I can burn through, but don't worry. I'll take breaks to play Resident Evil 5, 50 Cent, and Peggle. Maybe I'll even read a book!

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  • The Bodily Injury Test for a Great Game

    You just know a game hits the right spot when you hurt yourself while playing it. I was having a match in SFIV that went three round and each round was amazingly close and we both ended with like no health. Round three. We both jump at each other and let lose special moves and for a moment I can't tell who won. Then I see my fighter get up and stand in the winning pose.

    I yell my head off and get up off the sofa so fast I scrape the skin off my knee on the edge of the coffee table.

    Fucking ow.